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Ban the sale of all real fur products in Scotland.

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Each year, more than 50 million animals are killed on fur farms. The conditions they have to endure before death are appalling. Even in apparently 'high welfare' fur farms animals are starved, packed into tiny mesh cages and left with untreated bloody wounds. Some are driven to self-mutilation or cannibalism due to the stress of their confinement. Many are left to share a cage with decomposing dead bodies.

Their suffering only ends when they are killed by gassing, which can take up to 15 minutes, and leaves animals desperately trying to escape the gas chamber, or anal/vaginal electrocution - a truly terrifying experience for any living being.

Fur farms were banned in Scotland in 2002, with 75% of the British public agreeing that animals should not be farmed for their fur. However, by continuing to allow real fur products to be sold in Scotland we are still supporting this barbaric industry and condoning the cruelty it profits from. 

The recent public outcry over the proposed changes to the Hunting Act 2004 and the number of people writing to their MPs and signing petitions asking the SNP to vote against any proposed changes show that Scotland is a compassionate nation of animal lovers who will not stand by and allow animals to suffer.

So, let us lead the rest of the world in the fight against the barbaric fur trade. Let Scotland go fur free now!

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