Scottish Football Association: Void Season 2019/20 and Restructure Scottish Football.

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For your logical and kind consideration, we the signees request points 1 & 2 below be ordered and put into practice, for the benefit of sporting integrity in Scotland.


As we find ourselves amidst a clear global pandemic with COVID-19, and respectfully where football is but a small part of this world we live in, it is clear that for the safety of supporters and for the general public, this season football events in the UK may be delayed for a prolonged period of time and in that, there may be insufficient time to conclude the ongoing competitions before the next season is due to begin.


A logical conclusion would be to void the current season, and make good from the health crisis which is before us by adopting the following recommendations, which are the detailed requests of this petition, as requested by the total number of signatures put to you.

This petition requests The Scottish Football Association and Scottish Professional Football League to void the current season and order a full restructuring of all Leagues and Cup competitions within Scottish Football:

1. To bring into existence a top tier of 18 'Premiership' teams, 18 'Championship' teams and begin at a suitable date in the future, when safe to do so with lower leagues collated likewise, for the best of equality within our sport.

2. In voiding the current league season, SFA and SPFL should allocate fully, any prize monies which would have been won by top teams who mathematically accomplish the winning of competitions unfinished, to lower league / grassroots teams in an equal offering of amounts.


Two logical and simple recommendations which we see as making the best of a serious situation, creating positive outlook for the future of Scottish Football, and taking a worrying crisis, and showing leadership, equality and sporting integrity.