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Change the name of a group of squids to a squad.

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The current name of a group of squid is a "Shoal." However, the squid shares this group name with several other species of aquatic life including but not limited to the Herring, Minnow, Bass, and Pilchard (which is essentially a sardine). All of the aforementioned marine life are all relatively small in nature and are all fish. The squid, on the other hand, comes in a variety of sizes.  While some species of squid grow to 25 inches in length, other species can grow to be as long as 40 feet. Furthermore, a squid is not fish but a mollusk. By lumping the squid with small fish, the potential for confusion about the type of marine life that you are dealing with is great. The squid is a unique form of marine life and deserves a name to match. My recommendation is to change the name from "Shoal" to "Squad." Based on a cursory search, there are no group of animals that are called a "squad." By renaming the group of squid to a "squad", the scientific community would be taking a large step to clearing up potential confusion.


And, why not have a Squad of Squid?

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