Call for SVA to Fire Offending Teachers due to Harassment and Misconduct NOW

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Over the past 48 hours (c. June 22, 2020), the hashtag #FUCKSVA has been used throughout multiple social networks, the most notable being Twitter and Instagram. Browsing through the hashtag, it is apparent that SVA has a history of allowing teachers who habitually create unsafe environments provided for students to: study, learn, and thrive in, to continue teaching at SVA despite complaints, reports, and grievances from even departmental staff. Moreover, SVA has allowed a culture of protection for said teachers to continue those/these behaviors as they often are not held to consequences. Through the hashtag, reports of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, and a rampant rape culture are proven to subsist due to SVA's infrastructure. Even though this may be, it is very rare for SVA to address the concerns of it's students without major backlash (see tuition refund or the black history month incident in the library). Many names have been made public by students, many of which prior to this hashtag admit to: steering students away from certain teachers classes if possible, dropping the class due to the extreme offenses of a teacher, or running guerrilla campaigns against teachers in order to force the school to act. We urge the School of Visual Arts to investigate ALL statements addressed here.

Discipling those who commit these acts should be paramount, particularly for schools like SVA who claim to, "reflect its responsibility as an educational institution whose environment must be conducive to learning and mutual trust." This open letter, documents that corroborate it, and the petition attached to it, represent the voices of thousands of fed up students. We urge SVA to investigate each and every teacher mentioned for their misdeeds on social media platforms, and take action to make our school safe for all students to study in. We also demand that SVA openly address what is occurring in this institution and state ways that they plan on making the school as a whole a safer place for students and faculty.

Sexual misconduct has no place in art, especially at institutions like SVA.