Save San Francisco From Encampments

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May 28, 2020

To The Honorable Mayor London Breed & San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

RE:  Request for a Meeting Re Homelessness and Encampments in the City

Dear Mayor Breed and the Board of Supervisors:

We, the residents of Tenderloin, Nob Hill, and The Mission, and the surrounding areas have been watching our beloved city degrade into unlivable conditions with encampments that continue popping up all around the city, bringing homelessness to the levels that we have never seen before with open drug dealing, filth, human waste, vandalism, theft and all the other issues which are well known to you. It has been documented that in addition to causing a substandard quality of life, these encampments harm existing businesses and discourage any new business in the City from dining to tourism. 

Although there are legitimately homeless and mentally ill who need assistance, there are many who consciously choose the homeless lifestyle.  It is common knowledge that many of the homeless who have moved to San Francisco had no intention of working and becoming taxpayers when they arrived.  The City is known to give more handouts than any other city.  Many of the homeless are fine living on the streets and doing as they please, with little interference and tolerance from the City and the Public.  In the long run, this arrangement is not healthy for the homeless or the residents.  This is a very complex situation, and clearly we need to find better solutions.

We refuse to continue living like this, watching our City die before our eyes, and we will no longer wait for things to change, because clearly, they only get worse. We want our government to take action now. Removing the encampments and allowing hard working, high tax paying residents of the city to live a normal life must be your very first priority. Further, removing the encampments would no doubt prevent the spreading of Covid and many other dangerous diseases that are known to be born in these types of environments.

It is obvious that the City has more than respected the rights of the homeless … but what about our rights?  You cannot put the lives of homeless ahead of the lives of the hard working, high tax paying residents who can’t stand the area where they live and who don’t feel safe walking around their own neighborhood. Our City has rightfully earned the reputation of being a “sh-thole” on a national level and this must change now!

We are requesting an in-person meeting with you as soon as practicable to discuss the current situation, what specific plan the city has for resolving this disaster, what goals and benchmarks are in place, and what we can do to prevent San Francsico from dying.    

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange this meeting.


Arkady Itkin

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Cyntia Salazar, Alberto Salazar, Guadalupe Moreno, Jesealberto Salazar, Kevin Salazar, Eligio Salazar, Roy Tran, Marianne Smith, Joe Murray, Dina DiBattista, Alfredo Mantica, Kathleen Mcnamara, Latasha Poindexter, Karen Bagshaw, Joey Isaacson, Kelani Key, Alain de Lacrose, Achilles Chica, Lisa Cardoza, Sheila Beck, Ruby Liu, Lonna Denny, Arthur Calandrelli, Linda Green, Henry Ostendorf, Brian Probst,  Abby Kovalsky, Valentine Thaler, James P. Peters, Beth Blum, Robin Wilson-Beattie, Ismael Martinez Hernandez, Barbara Conwell, David Britt, Afshan Khan, Tamra Elaine Keen, George Leonard, Joe Famulari, Justin Solomon, Anastasia Kabantsev, Trever Bivona, Albert Eibner, Julia Dunn, Gregg Solem, Audrey Moy, Stephan Warren, Matthew Ansari, Michelle Ruth, Rachel Grunberg Henderson, Robert Henderson, DeVon Jensen, Alfred Jensen, Mackenzie Green, John Nick, Thomas Wolf, Don Jones, Julien DeFrance, Guy de Lacrosse, Francis De Lacrosse, Carlos Noe Saavedra, James Hutton, Neha Garg, Cecile Cukurs, Damon Hall, Olga Zhuravskaya, Brandon Blackmon, Kiwi K, Ski Byrd, Tony Black, Andrea Mani, Ehab Shqair, Eddie Shqair, Justin Erfort, Margaret O’Driscoll, Katherine Lane, Amanda Hughes, Howard Steinberg, Toffler Niemuth, Robert Alvarez, Abdul Aleem Syed, Stephanie Merek, Imelda Daly, Will Holmes, Patrick Coakley, Mark Savery, E Chang, Ken Walden, Libby Klitsch, Lydia Antippas, Mario DeAnda, Yachiyo Kumori, Fiona Ma, Danny Wesonga, Nolan Elmstrom, Cindy Lee, Tianxiao Hong, David Pritchard, Wynne Kwan, Nicholas Auldo, Jimmy Hong, Wickert Beasley, Abdul Mohammed, Mengfei Wu, Phuoc Nguyen, Cynthia Lee, Carissa Hanen, Jennifer Nguyen, Dr. Shiena, Susan Au, Alan Lockheed, Dennis Daniel, Cynthia Gonzales, Ron Gonzales, David Pritchard, Kelly Hensley, Chawinda Iamsuri, Anthony Hu. 


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