Focus on quality education

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Indian education system - The system which lacks in the proper grooming of the child and  focuses only on studies thus not considering the fact that extra curricular activities are also a major part of shaping a child's future. Also, practical knowledge in studies is not given to students. A lot of students commit suicide only because of the reason that they didn't get enough marks. Because , they know that marks is the only criteria on which their whole life is based. But the sad reality is that Marks are not the only criteria for judging someone's persona.

Apparently the focus, is given more on one's marks rather than actual learning. 

Just tell me one thing what's the point in studying when the focus is only on marks , and not on the actual learning. It's obviously of no use. Its high time that we must realise this and do something about it.     

If we start focusing more on the extra curricular activities as well like music, sports and other activities then the day is not far when we start getting more people out  in various industries and make a lot of change in the system.