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Request for Review of Court Order Forcing Non-Religious Parent to take Children to Catholic Church

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The choice to follow a religion or to have no religion is one of the greatest qualities of the United Kingdom. Never should the law punish a believer or non-believer for their choices when these choices have no ill effect upon another person.

"Steve" has found himself forced to attend religious ceremonies which are not relevant to his belief system or, as the article would suggest, that of his son.

If this were a case where a religious person was being forced not to attend their church or to celebrate their beliefs then there would be widespread outcry.

Why then should a parent be forced to take their child to a religious institution which bares no relevance to them or their beliefs? Why should an individual be forced to worship a religion when the freedom to worship is protected for all?

This case is important for 2 main reasons:

1. A parent's choice in how they raise their child should be protected in all cases where there is no harm, abuse or risk (emotional, social or physical) presented to that child. Moreover, this protection should be enhanced by the desire of the parent to meet their child's own desires as opposed to imposing their own beliefs upon them.

2. Religious freedom and the human right to personal religious beliefs should be protected. As should the freedom and right to have no religion or religious beliefs. The extent of legal involvement in this should be in protecting this right from harm by those who would seek to impose their beliefs, or non-beliefs, upon others.

The British legal system should not take it upon itself to force religious beliefs upon its citizens.

It is hoped that through the creation of this petition that the freedom of "Steve" and every person in this country to practice their beliefs will be protected from unfair treatment and that the judicial ruling made against "Steve" will be overturned; allowing him the parental right to raise his children with respect for his and their beliefs.

This petition calls for action from The Rt Hon Simon Hughes.

Accepted actions would include:

- Inquiry into the decision made in regards to UK and EU legality.

- Publication of the findings of this review.


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