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Let's see if our MPs can meet year 6 standards!

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I don’t believe the government or the public truly understands the demands made on our year 6 pupils and therefore would like to petition the members of parliament to sit the tests themselves in order to help them understand what they are expecting of our 11 year olds and consider if this is what they really want children to experience within our education system.

In 2014 the government introduced a new national curriculum into maintained schools. The curriculum has many new challenges for children aged 5 - 11, particularly in English and mathematics. Alongside these changes the government has removed the use of level descriptors and introduced a set of new tests for 7 and 11 year olds which have significantly raised expectations for the average child, particularly at 11. Although I believe we should have high expectations for children's learning, I do not believe pushing more and more of the secondary curriculum into the primary school's domain is the right way to achieve this.

Primary schools are very good at promoting learning and manage to achieve good outcomes for their pupils in creative and engaging ways. Surely the purpose for primary education is to establish not only secure foundations in learning, particularly of English and mathematics skills, but also develop a love of learning so that their pupils move on to secondary education with the right skills and motivation to tackle a more challenging curriculum. To secure a level of mastery pupils need sufficient time to practise and embed their skills, but with the vast amount of content that needs to be covered it is a real challenge to ensure sufficient time. Teachers do not want to teach to tests but with a punitive accountability regime it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

Please sign this petition if, like me, you would like to see education handed back to the educationalists and see our children receive an education that is right for them and not just some politician's distorted view of what education should be.


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