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Every single day in the UK we are throwing away millions of pieces of plastics whether that’s single use or not.

we have invented plastic, a material designed to last forever for products made to only last minutes! 

Over 80% of plastic we use, straws, bags, coffee cups, wraps..literally anything ends up in our oceans and kills not just our wildlife but even potentially ourselves! 

Recent research has been released showing that over 70% of teens have a lethal plastic chemical inside of them which comes from plastic packaging.

we have not created a material that can store anything, we have dug ourselves a very big hole.

it is historically said down the timeline that human beings are scared of change because they don’t know what it will bring, however without realising we have already brought gigantic changes to our shores.

we have banned single use plastic bags in major retailers, brought in reusable coffee and hot beverage mugs so why can we not ban it all and use something much more simple and much more enviromentally friendly!

Recently we have seen Tesco’s ban the bag, UK restaurant chain Bills step up and ban plastic straws, Costa introduce a reusable and purchasable mug and many more so let’s stand up and get something done about this global crisis in which we are drowning in.

we as a species can not afford to damage the planet anymore, we are eliminating millions of animals every single year, we are destroying their homes, their food chains and our own stupidity is even now taking a turn on ourselves.

and no Biodegradables are not the answer, we have all been told of these “miracle” products set out to save our oceans from the dramatic plastic pollution, however they fail to include the statistics and truth behind the so called “miracle”

depending on how the biodegradable products are made they could have to reach 50 degrees Celsius to break down, still leaving behind micro plastics and lets have it where on earth both in land and sea can plastic lay around in the street or float along the surface and reach 50 degrees at a continues length of time? Pretty much nowhere, so that means that plastic...sorry...biodegradable product is no longer a miracle and is just as dangerous and deadly to pretty much any life out there, let’s not forget the chemicals put into the products to make them break down or whatever fakery they want to fill us up with, these chemicals kill ok, sound familiar oh yeah, plastic products contain deadly chemicals ...that leads to 2 strikes, one more and it’s OUT! ...hmm let’s see?

oh yes, the people who make these decisions..there’s so many of them that the list could go on but only a few decide to be strict against this problem? , maybe we should let them see the truth, let’s show them the amount of plastic out in the ocean, let’s show them these poor whales beaching themselves because they are being crushed inside by plastic, let’s show them the poor turtles getting plastic over their heads...or should we let them kill our wildlife and oceans until it’s too late.

the world is waking up and the younger generation is beginning to stand up against others, the younger are realising what is happening and we are the ones that can bring the well needed and deserved change...we need to do something about this, we can not just let it roll on until the last whale beaches itself or human beings begin to noticeable die from plastic intake....the plastic can not hide forever


do your bit and help save our oceans

for the whales

for the dolphins

for the people  

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