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STOP!! 40,000 cancer patients dying yearly as a result of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis.

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My precious daughter Nikita died in the hands of the doctors of the NHS, after the cancer that was slowly killing her was repeatedly missed and misdiagnosed by multiple professionals. In July 2012 a young life that was full of promise was cut-short at the tender age of 19.

You can read Nikita’s story here Read my story about how I suffered as a result of misdiagnosed cancer.

You and I put our faith in professionals every day. We trust what they say, we take their advice and we follow their guidance. We trust they are making the best decisions based on their education and experience. Why then do 40,000 cancer patients die each and every year as a result of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis? Estimates suggest 20% of all cancer cases are misdiagnosed.

It is unfortunate that to most of us those numbers do not mean much unless one of those 40,000 people happens to be your mother, father, sister, brother or someone else close to you. If the numbers show that for every 10 cases, 2 are misdiagnosed or are subject to a delayed diagnosis, then we should not accept that as being just the way it is and we should strive for change - because it is something we can change! Would it be acceptable if only 8 of every 10 flights that took off from Heathrow airport landed safely? Would it be acceptable if your mobile phone only worked 8 out of every 10 times you used it? No. Then why do we accept this level of underperformance from our medical specialists that you and I pay for?

Cancer is a slow death. The torture lasted over a two year period from the age of 17 for my daughter. The disease was relentless during this period, on average Nikita visited the doctors every two months. As a distraction Nikita just focused on graduating from the University of Portsmouth to build a career in Pharmacology, in order, would you believe, to be able to help others who were themselves suffering from illnesses. Instead Nikita had to endure multiple blood tests, blood transfusions, hospitalisations and two stays in Critical Care.

If I pursue with all my energy and strength a legal compensation claim, I have been told I would most likely win – but only after a very prolonged and exhausting legal battle. What would I achieve winning such a case? It would not ever bring back Nikita - and Nikita was all about putting other people first - always. She would say “Dad, try to do something that would make a difference, don’t sit by and accept a situation that can so easily be changed”.

You and I – we - can help stop the 40,000 cancer patients dying yearly as a result of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis by signing this petition and recommending just two points:

Just these two recommendations will save lives:

  1. The creation of an independent body similar to the Airlines Aviation Safety team, an independent body who ensures mistakes and failures are investigated and prevented through regulation, education, and training.

  2. The implementation of an advanced technological solution (e.g. such as IBM’s Watson) that mine patient data to find relevant facts about family history, current medication and other existing conditions and flag up danger signals and recommendations far more quickly and accurately than our current system. One in five diagnoses are incorrect or incomplete and nearly 1.5 million medication errors are made in the US every year.

Just by signing this petition you will help to force a change to a system that can be changed! We can save lives and prevent the tragedy of knowing a loved one could have been saved if the procedure was as good as it could be.

If you have signed this petition and would like it to succeed, please use the power of social media and Like, Share, Tweet, email or use any other favorite tool. Thank you for spending the time to read this article, together we will make a positive, lasting change.  "Silence means Consent". Each member in your household can sign, my 75 year old mum and dad signed using the one email address.

Read Nikita's story here.

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