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Since I became involved in helping search for Kemo a Cancer Support Dog Stolen on 8th February 18 I am astounded by the extent of the problem of Pet Theft and the lack of Police Resources to investigate the epidemic in the U.K. Animals cannot speak we must give them a Voice Pet Theft must be STOPPED
Please watch this video just some of the missing dogs currently being searched for by the families of these poor missing souls
We need to speak up not just for dogs but all living breathing animals that are stolen for unimaginable reasons and make sure the Government realise that PETS ARE FAMILY and are IRREPLACEABLE The Pet Theft Reform Bill has a 2nd reading put forward by Ross Thompson MP on 26th October 2018 at Westminster please support this by signing this Petition and show them that we will no longer tolerate the abuse of our Family. SIGN AND SHARE 

TO BE HEARD 23rd November 2018 Submission of Petition to Ross Thomson 4pm today 22nd November DEFERRED AGAIN DATE TO BE CONFIRMED confirmed to 25th January 2019 DEFERREDAGAIN NEW DATE NOW 8th February 2019 ‼️‼️DEFERRED AGAIN NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED not announced yet delayed because not enough debating time in Parliament because of other issues ie Brexit etc. Please watch here for the new date

I am updating this as there is now a new Petition as well as the previous which gained over 114,000 signatures and still being signed to make PetTheft a Law in its own right. The Government has now responded. I am incensed by their response. The link is here please read it and if your are of the same opinion then please after signing this petition please WRITE TO YOU MP to get their Support. If you don’t then these Bills will fail and all the hard work of many including YOU will be for nothing and YOUR PETS will continue to suffer with no harsher punishments being given to the perpetrators of Pet Theft and Abuse. WE ARE THEIR VOICE