Teach all primary school children to swim for survival

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I am Isla and I am 11 years old. I would like to start by warning you about the many children whose lives are put in danger each year. The reason for this is schools and parents aren’t teaching primary children basic swimming survival skills. I’m about to leave my primary school and some of my friends still can't swim. I am appalled by the lack of quality lessons provided in not just mine but many UK schools.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death, and an average of 400 people die a year from it (one every 20 hours).  It is my strong belief that every child should leave primary being able to swim enough to save themselves if they were most unfortunately put in a situation to have to. It is not just about the swimming part it is also about not panicking and being confident in and around water.

The Royal Life Saving Society survey shows that one in 10 people know someone who has died as a result of drowning, with nearly one in five knowing someone who has nearly drowned. Another one of their surveys shows that only 33% of parents were confident that their child knew how to be safe near water and 80% of respondents said that water safety skills should be on the national curriculum.

My point is that every child should leave primary being able to swim about 25 to 50 metres which is not currently happening and I'm calling for the Minister of Education to ensure that funding and legislation changes this.