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Stop cuts to widowed parents allowance in April 2017

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The government is making cuts to widowed parents allowance which is a vital lifeline to surviving parents bringing up children alone.
As it stands now, widowed parents currently receive around £400 a month while they are still in receipt of child benefit, so potentially for 18 years.
But from April 2017 widows will only get help for 18 months after losing their spouse and only £300 a month.
This payment is a lifeline for many families. Parents bringing up children alone will have to survive on one wage, paying child care costs and potentially having to work long hours to cope with the loss of their spouses extra wage.
To say that bereaved families only need support for 18 months is an insult.
Children that are coping with the loss of one parent will have their other parent absent a lot of the time working long hours.
Families in receipt of this money now will continue to receive it but any one unfortunate enough to have to claim this money from April 2017 will be affected by this cut.
My family will sadly be affected by this. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in August 2016 when I was 4 months pregnant with our second child.
My husband has worked hard from the age of 17 and has paid towards a pension he will never receive.
We never thought we would be in this situation, we don't know how long we have got left together as a family.
Support for vulnerable families is being taken away, and I personally will lose our family home because I will not be able to cover the cost of the mortgage without the widowed parents allowance
Please sign this petition so that families unfortunate enough to need this assistance in the future may still have access to it. Hopefully if we can get enough people to sign this petition the government will rethink their decision and continue to support bereaved families. 

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