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The Round Table: enter into discussion about and to make real changes to our "Open Access"

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We feel the open access to Stonehenge is being mismanaged, to the detriment of all those attending and also those charged with following their instructions.
The closing off of the droves at Stonehenge days before the summer solstice causes havoc on the Wiltshire roads, as people that have traveled many miles need somewhere they can stay until the solstice. It therefore then costs the police far more money and resources to keep track of and deal with this situation. The security situation at the entrance to the Stones is out of order and totally over the top, with people sustaining extremely nasty injuries at the hands of bullies and the police. When you consider that most people come to Stonehenge to celebrate life, the sun, the elements and gods and goddesses they believe in. Having heavy handed security, scanning people for knives and guns,etc, searching through all their belongings (they have even banned people from using umbrellas saying they are offensive weapons), and police sniffer dogs. Anyone they don't like and can bait in responding to their nasty vibes they evict from the stones or won't allow them in.
This situation is unacceptable and it is time those that organize this event do so with the help of all those that attend, enabling a better experience to those who wish to go to Stonehenge and celebrate their own form of worship. And creating a far less stressful situation for those who have to monitor and control the situation before/during and after the event. It is time we all got together at the round table and discussed a way to change this for the better of all

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