The rotten hand that rocks the cradle of government

The rotten hand that rocks the cradle of government

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Started by Malcolm Birtwell


Recently it's become more apparent that those in government, and likely across ALL parties, who make decisions about our lives, are not led by the wishes of their electorate. They are more concerned about themselves.

Currently MPs seem to come from one of three backgrounds:

1. They studied, got in to politics and have no clue about the real world. All they know is politics. All that's important for them is kudos and Tweets.

2. They've made a fortune and now think they can make informed decisions about other people's lives so they dabble in them. They really don't care about anyone because they're fine. They're there for the craic and kudos.

3. They've made a fortune and now use their wealth and influence to increase their own and those of their family and friends. They're corrupt.

MPs are NOT accountable

Here's just one example. Covid loans. Totally mismanaged and we're told they're going to write off the debt. They won't write of my debt if I owe them £100 but they'll write off their own mistakes costing us £2bn.

If you and I did this in our employment we'd be sacked.

What happens to MPs? If they get caught they retire quietly with a large wad of cash, thank you very much.

Even if they're guilty of crimes they rarely get prosecuted. Good old Tony led us into an illegal war. What happened to him? Nothing.

What has happened to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002? I get hounded by DWP for a £5 overpayment but MPs routinely swan off with millions in ill-gotten gains.

The System is fundamentally flawed.

Recently poor old Rishi's wife got caught with her skirt up. now Rishi wants ALL MPs to disclose their tax arrangements. Just look at them squirm and whinge.

Look them squirm and whinge when we ask them about the bogus jobs they get from lobbyists or cash donations to this that and the other. When we ask why this company wanted to give them £50,000 whilst they are in government they tell us it's none of our business, What are they hiding?

During the first COVID outbreak, which incidentally, killed my father, not only did criminals use fraudulent covid loans to build up the £2bn debt I've already mentioned; friends and families of MPs set up PPE firms with money from us and produced nothing.

Incidentally why is no-one asking where COVID came from...?

Regularly MPs claim two properties are necessary for government work and/or employ their close family as secretary etc. to milk the system a bit more.

My local government pension has, for years, been rising at a rate far behind those in the private sector and those awarded to MPs by themselves. I'm promised a rise of 3.2% this year but inflation is probably nearer 6% or more. MPs set the rate at which my pension increases.

In a system where MPs can have unchecked financial arrangements the system is open to corruption. Lobbyists can make lucrative arrangements with MPs that they want to keep secret and yet this must influence their voting on issues. The system is rotten to the core.

If MPs are already wealthy they will necessarily use their influence to protect their own, their friends and family's financial interests. It makes perfect sense. When I. M. Shifty M.P. is faced with a vote that could ruin him financially I wonder which way he'd vote?

ALL MP finances should be open to public scrutiny. This is the only way to combat corruption, which I think is rife across all parties in UK Parliament.


Not so long ago we had a right, a left a centre and The Greens. What do we have now? A centre, a centre, a centre and The Greens. Where are the real socialists? Have they all died out? You cannot tell me that Sir Kier Starmer is a real socialist. He's a rich lawyer. 

Look what they did to Jeremy Corbyn?

Whenever I speak to friends no-one wants Bojo's party-bus back, but is there a viable socialist alternative? I think not.

Everyone's gravtitated to the centre where it's safe, lucrative and you can get your fizz on the telly every other day.

Enough is enough

I have congenital, long-term health problems which caused me to take early medical retirement. I have a small pension, PIP and I used to get Incapacity Benefit. Then it was ESA and fun and games with ATOS. Then it was a different kind of ESA and then it ended and I was told to claim Universal Credit. The criteria for UC are very different from those with a disability, so now I get NOTHING. That is a loss of £200 a month, give or take. The benefits rises "in line with inflation" are derisory, as are my already mentioned pension rises. My home heating bills have just more than doubled. I could barely afford to have the heating on before this. The cost of petrol has increased, I estimate, by around 50% in one year. I've watched even my budget brands of food creep up between 25-50%.

I'm disabled, and yet successive governments; our wonderful MPs, have done nothing but make my life harder and harder. Welfare State? What's that? I haven't hit the food banks yet, but we shop at Morrisons on a Sunday at closing time to get the bargains. It's demeaning, as is the whole tortuous, punitive, crappy benefits system. 

That apart, I fear for countless families with children struggling in this climate. I fear for us all. The ludicrously rich become preposterously richer and we poor folk all struggle like hell. It makes me livid that these self-important, self-serving, arrogant, uncaring charlatans think they can run the show and we can all butt out. They're destroying the planet with their greed, fanning the flames of war in Ukraine, for example, but I'm effectively made to beg for financial assistance. 


100% TRANSPARENCY OF MP's FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS. If they don't agree to this from the start they don't get to be politically active. Simples.


17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!