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Rename Thursday #ThirstDay

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Thursday is boring; or more correctly, its name is boring. Let's remind the world that Friday doesn't deserve all the spotlight, that Thursday holds its own special place near the end of the work week, that the second day of the week to start with the letter "T" is the unsung hero of night time fun times.

Let's re-brand Thursday to #ThirstDay.

Why #ThirstDay? As a craft beer brewer, we often find ourselves enjoying an extra brew on #ThirstDay night, and we're pretty sure many of you do, too. #ThirstDay goes beyond beer, though, because maybe you are a wine drinker. Well, #ThirstDay still has your back. Or hey, maybe adult beverages aren't your thing. Well, you're still certain to drink something on #ThirstDay.

And yes, the hashtag must stay — we're modernizing #ThirstDay for the 21st (and dare we say the 22nd?) century.

Sign the petition, affect change, get in on the ground floor of #ThirstDay.

 (We petitioned the Romans since they originally named the days of the week. If anyone has a better suggestion, please let us know.)

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