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More than 5 million Americans are denied the right to vote because they have criminal records. Minority groups are disproportionately affected - an estimated 13% of African-American men don't have the right to vote.

Disenfranchisement simply perpetuates a cycle of exclusion for people with criminal records. Those who have paid their debt to society deserve the right to participate in our democracy.

Sign the petition below to tell your Senators and Represenatives that you support the federal Democracy Restoration Act, which would allow people who have on probation or parole, and those who have completed their sentences, to vote in federal elections.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
I'm writing to urge you to support the Democracy Restoration Act, to extend federal voting rights to my fellow Americans on parole and probation and with criminal records.

These people have served their debt to society, and I believe that a democracy must be inclusive to be strong. By denying 5 million Americans access to voting rights, we are simply perpetuating a cycle of punishment that leads to further divisions in our community.

America is a unique country in the world where opportunity is available to every man, woman and child. But those with a criminal record currently face among the hardest roads to this opportunity, and this bill would remove an unnecessary obstacle from their path. I strongly urge you to support this bill, which will strengthen our communities by inviting this disaffected and forgotten group to participate in our most crucial right - the right to vote.

Thank you for listening.

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