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Stop all bullying in schools of all kinds

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On the 21st of September 2011 our cousin RHIANNA LYNN MORAWITZ, Was found by her mum hanging in her closet. Rhianna was only 14 years old, an honor student, very talented singer and had many other talents.

The cause of her death was bullying at school, she felt trapped and saw no way out other then ending her own sweet short life.

We must stand united and stop this horrific tragedy from happening to more of our children and start an organization to help both the bullied and the bully's.This page is dedicated to saving our children from bullying, It was set up following the suicide of our cousin Rhianna Lynn Morawitz. Who sadly  saw no end and no way out off the torment of a bully, she decided she had no other choice but to hang herself in her closet to be found by her mother.
This page and organization is aimed at helping the children that are bullied and the bully's and to teach our children the effects of bullying and the after affects we are all left with when a tragedy like Rhianna's happen.

We need to stand together as a united nation and SAY NO TO BULLYING! We need to take control of what is happening and teach our children love and look out for each other to stand up for the child in the corner been bullied. We need to shout out loud and keep shouting loud till the Rhianna law is put in place, We need to open up the school systems eye's and make them aware and to take notice of the bullying happening in our schools. The Rhianna Movement is in its early stages and is all about enforcing zero tolerance of bulling, Bringing bullying in to the light, organizing groups that will go school to school to educate our kids, parents and teachers on the effects and how to spot, stop, and report all bullying incidents immediately in schools and the school system. Our aims are:

1, To become a registered non-profitably Organization.

- In order to be recognized and help more people.

2, Have the Rhianna law passed as a Kansas law against bullying.

- To make bullying a law, so perpetrators are held responsible for what they do and cause. In order to get the help they need (ie: Positive Punishment plan, Anger management group, or a Councillor) To help victim's see they can put a stop to the torment. To make it state law to enforce The school system to implement the zero tolerance of bullying in schools.

3, To bring awareness to the fact that "bullying" is happening in our schools.

- To open up to the world that bullying DID, DOES and is STILL happening all over in our school systems. To advertize through every kind of media possible. To go school to school to teach awareness in a fun interactive but serious manner. To have every school have an anti-bullying school pledge. This is one from a school that already implements a school pledge:
"We will not bully others. We will help students who are bullied. We will include students who are left out. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and home."

4, To highlight what the "MEANING" of "BULLYING" is.

- All intentional gestures or any intentional written, verbal, electronic or physical act or threat, persistent or pervasive that creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student that a reasonable person, under the circumstances, knows or should know it would have the effect of:

a, Harming a student, whether physically or mentally.
b, Damaging a student’s property.
c, Placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student.
d, Placing a student in reasonable fear of damage to the student’s property.

5, To help build a plan of Education and training to be implemented in schools.

- To obtain and use resources of anti-bullying educational medias to train and plan strategies to work with and within the school system. To form groups of mixed victims, reformed bully's, family members and friends within schools themselves in order to teach each other.

6, To have all bullying incidents and deaths caused by bullying, reported and documented for statistical purposes.

- This would tell the true story of a massively GROWING problem. This would show actual NUMBERS!

7, To have a 24 hour BULLYING hot line chat and phone service, for Victims, Perpetrators, Family and friends or just the concerned.

- This would hopefully give our kids and parents hope it will be a listen and advise line or chat. We want people to know they do not have to kill or hurt themselves, to stop the torment they are in and hopefully will save life's in despairing moments

8, To have a Rhianna's Movement box in all schools.

- This would be a little box where anybody be it child or adult been bullied or is witness to a bullying incident, they could write it down and post it anonymously and without reprisal. This could be a parent from the street, a teacher, a child who is been bullied or a friend of a person been bullied. Anybody!

They will be many more goals and aims to reach throughout this movement, but for now we will concentrate on the above goals.




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