Ban u/N8theGR8 from reddit.

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N8theGr8 has been plaguing reddit for years by enforcing his opinions on other people and other subreddits. Its time to do something about it. He locked threads on r/darkjokes and has been using blackmail/bribery to get modship of subreddits that he finds "offensive" and proceeds to ban people or damage the subreddit as a whole.

I believe that everything mentioned about his extreme opinions may seem tolerable by Reddit, as Reddit is a free speech platform, but bribing/blackmailing for moderatorship AND abusing that moderatorship to constrict free speech should not be tolerable.

Reddit, do not let this go unpunished.

Don't get me wrong: I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, including n8thegr8, as extreme as they may be. However, blackmailing and bribing people to enforce those opinions upon other people is not okay. 

By removing N8theGR8 from reddit, the entire reddit community will be able to post and talk more freely without him blackmailing moderators, abusing moderator powers, and enforcing his opinions on to other people. Reddit, please, do not just let this go under the radar.

Help me make a difference, and make Reddit notice that this is a problem. Having your own opinion is perfeclty fine, but enforcing those opinion on other people and entire other subreddits is not, especially through the use of blackmail and bribery.

I get that this is a major long shot, and that reddit doesn't give half a shit about the community, but whether this turns out well or not, some light needs to be shed on this situation. I doubt reddit is going to do anything about this, but informing people that this is going on would be helpful.

Obviously I'm not using my real name or location. I'm pretty stupid, but not stupid enough to dox myself.

If you have any questions about the petition DM me. My reddit is u/NotANaziOrCommie.