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BAN Plastic - laws so manufacturers & businesses MUST use recyclable/biodeg. packaging

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You might have heard on the news or from others recently, there's been a huge amount of coverage on the PM’s 25-year environmental plan. 

At present, the onus and responsibility is on us the consumers to separate our rubbish using up to five bins for it to be collected and disposed. While we should be taking steps as individuals, we shouldn’t be alone in our efforts! We’ve accepted the delivery of plastic bins outside our homes, the 5p plastic bag charge, and now we have the #lattelevy.

Separating our rubbish is not enough to significantly reduce landfills and with the changes and confusion over what to put in each bin, there has been contamination. Businesses need to take part in the environmental journey by committing to researching recyclable and biodegradable packaging for their products and introducing these within a reasonable time. 25years is unacceptable and passes the responsibility to a future government instead of the current one.

I am asking you to help me raise awareness of this petition so we can push for the government to introduce legislation now that will obligate UK businesses to reach a minimum of 90% of all packaging to be recyclable or biodegradable by the end 2020. There are already alternatives out there and with some time and investment there will be more.

At present:

*We pay tax on every item we buy

*Our tax is used to pay for the manufacturing of more and more plastic bins and purpose-built recycling lorries and staff

*We must tear apart recyclable and non-recyclable sections in each piece of packaging 

*We separate rubbish according to multiple lists that have changed since their introduction leading to confusion and contamination

*We must rinse items wasting water

*Then determine what goes in each bin.

Recycling needs to begin its journey at the beginning, not at the end with us as consumers. If technology and research has managed to put people in space, develop 3D printing, and drill into our planet to use its resources, then we can develop paper cups and packaging that can be recycled or will be bio-degradable and find better solutions than landfills. 

This will not only help save our planet in the long-run but could lead to new manufacturing inventions and innovation, new jobs, and a positive change for the better.

We need to make changes and we need help to do this. Let’s work together and encourage large companies to take the lead in this. As a country, we can be world-leading and as individuals we can take pride in the UK for the right reasons.

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