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The Recasting Dick Grayson as a POC.

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DC fans have had an undying love for the character of Dick Grayson since his introduction in the original Batman comics. When news of a live actions Titans series, fans were overjoyed to hear that the classic Robin would be headed to the small screen and then later the big screen in the DCEU. However, fans are now confused as to why Warner Brothers have chosen to cast a white male as an canonically Romani ( not to be confused with Romanian ) character. While Brenton Thwaites is a good actor, he is white and furthers the strong belief that Hollywood is taking more and more roles away from POC actors. With the Netflix Death Note movie having replaced canonically Asian characters with white actor, DC fans had high hopes that this would not happen with the live action Titans show. Fans were promised a diverse cast however with the cast of one POC, it feels like token diversity is taking place as once again, a POC role has been filled with a white actor. What is more disappointing is that DC knows that Dick Grayson is a Romani character. It's heartbreaking to see them blatantly take away the role meant for a Romani actor and pass it to a white actor. While producers and casting directors of the show may claim that it is 'difficult' to find a Romani actor, what they are truly saying is that they did not care enough about the diversity of the team, the diversity of Dick Grayson, to properly cast him, thus taking the role of a POC away. The mere goal of this petition is to alert Warner Brothers and the creators of the mistake. Hopefully, by noticing this, we can have the diverse Titans team that we were promised, lead by a Romani actor. 

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