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    Today I am asking for Justice for the many BLACK lives lost due to cop brutality.

We are Also CURRENTLY in a STATE OF EMERGENCY in the country Trump has demanded Governors to “Activate their Guardsmen” Government issued rifles are being shot in American soil as warnings to the people. America is currently in a war zone .

The civilians lack in tactics and ammunition to prevent  infiltration in their homes and communities.

We are CURRENTLY in a position of      Military Law Control


If you DO NOT disarm and defund the police and Government tactics AMERIKKA will be a Communist Country.  It’s clear just look at what’s going on In The world .....peaceful protests being attacked with rubber bullets and tear gas , innocent Black Men and Women MURDERED on the same soil their ANCESTORS SLAVED ON!
⚠️ PLEASE SIGN this petition to bring power back to the people disarm and defund the police and government officials .THE PEOPLE HAVE TO ORGANIZE THEIR OWN MILITARY, STRATEGIZE AND BE WISE WE are THE MAJORITY WE CAN DO IT (TOGETHER).