Change the Background Story of "Half Hatch Henry" at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

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Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is an annual Halloween event that takes place at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It features mazes and monsters that are themed after the various urban legend hauntings to jump out and scare visitors. One of these "monsters" is named "Half Hatch Henry," a young man who met his demise aboard ship. What's unique about "Half Hatch Henry's" story is that it is based upon a real-life crew member, J. Pedder, who tragically lost his life aboard the ship in 1966. Unfortunately, in making J. Pedder's real-life accident a feature of Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, it diminishes the impact of the young man's tragedy and the grief his family has endured.

This petition is to bring respect to this young man's life, death, and to his family who have had to live with the fact that his death is being mocked through Queen Mary's Dark Harbor event. The intention of this petition is to remove the character of "Half Hatch Henry" or, at least, to change his back story so that it won't reflect the real-life tragedy of J. Pedder's death.

The individuals that put on this annual event are extremely talented and creative. It would not be difficult for them to come up with a new background story for this character. Please make your voice heard to the organizers of the Dark Harbor event and let them know that this young man deserves respect and his family deserves peace.