Give Sargon of akkad a knight-hood!

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Sargon of akkad (or Carl of England as he should be known) is one of the main defenders of western civilization. He has dedicated countless hours, cooped up in his basement to showing people the evils of Feminism and how it is going to destroy the west unless it is stopped. Feminism has proven a threat to video games, ghostbusters, and the free distribution of waifu body pillows. This man has done too many brave actions to count. Such as setting up a petition to ban social justice from university, and sending people porn on twitter. I can only imagine how many more brave and selfless he will carry out to defend the west in the future. Sargon is a hero. And must be treated as such. So please I beg the queen to give him a knight-hood for his acts of bravery on the internet.