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Victorian Labor Party Incites Dingo Genocide

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Dingoes have been an integral part of Australia's history well before European settlers stepped foot. For years the Australian government has been subtly supporting the eradication of these native icons, in 2001 a young tourist provoked a dingo resulting in an attack, on Fraser island. This was one of the very few attacks reported on Fraser Island ever in spite of the fact that dingoes were happily interacting with locals and tourists since Aborigines stepped foot on Fraser island thousands of years ago, resulting in the culling of over half of the dingo population there at the time.

Less than a year after the Victorian Coalition Program was scrapped the Labor government has reintroduced a similar program which financially rewards acts of dingo genocide by paying $120 per dingo scalp effective as of yesterday the 26th of October 2016.

The Labor Government is claiming that these wild dogs are sneaking onto farms and feeding on livestock. When only a very small percentage of livestock are being fed upon by dingoes in Victoria. Dingoes (both genetically pure and hybrid) are a great counter-measure for suppressing the significantly large amounts of feral cats and fox population, which are in fact killing off more livestock than dingoes, thus providing an ecological favour for Australia's livestock industry.

In 2008 dingoes were declared a threatened specie. With an estimated 1,000 dingoes left in continental Australia, Tasmania and the Torres Strait combined. It is believed that genetically purebred dingoes (what's left of them) will be bred out in less than 100 years. Now the Victorian Labor Government is paying people to speed up the extinction of this previously protected specie.

By signing this petition you will be helping to save the dingo population, so your children and your grand children will one day be able to meet these amazing animals who wish for nothing more than loyalty. I hope to submit this petition to the Victorian Labor Party and state government with at least 10,000 signatures before its to late. Thank you.

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