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The producers, cast, and crew of Boardwalk Empire on HBO: Create a fund to help Atlantic City families recover post Hurricane Sandy

I love Boardwalk Empire, and was watching it Monday night, October 29th as the storm howled past our windows. But thousands of families and workers in Atlantic City have wrecked businesses, closed schools, delayed jobs, and destroyed beaches to look forward to tonight:

After 9/11, I remember many television platforms breaking the fourth wall to raise money for or stand with survivors of the attacks. Post Frankenstorm Sandy, HBO should use Boardwalk Empire to raise funds directly for Atlantic City.

HBO has won huge acclaim and made millions with its captivating story about how Prohibition changed countless lives. With the horrible damage that Frankenstorm Sandy wreaked on the city's businesses and homes, HBO can use its powerful media platform to raise money and support local, state, and federal relief efforts.

And maybe we should think about how climate change might mean that the Boardwalk that Nucky Thompson stands by in the opening credits just got washed away?

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