Detain people who cause, or are suspected to have caused, death through dangerous driving.

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  This petition is in direct response to the tragic death of Allan Nicholson at the hands of William McLean. McLean was allowed out on bail and would further have his sentencing postponed so that he could see his child start school.

   McLean was driving recklessly and dangerously after taking illegal drugs at a party, there is dashcam footage of him driving at speed up the wrong side of a dual carriage way and apparently flashing his lights at other motorists to move out of his way. Moments later he met Allan Nicholson in a head on collision with Allan’s motorcycle, with immediate fatality. McLean then began running away from the wreckage on foot.

  Needless to say, Allan’s family, and the biking community are disgusted and hurt by how this has been handled. Imagine for a moment that you were killed in such a manner, and your partner had to go to the funeral care, bank, police, and lawyers on the Monday morning to sort things out only to see the person who caused your death already released on bail and taking their kids or their partner to the cinema. Making all those good memories you had just been so cruelly denied by their actions.

  This is exactly what we want to stop. The law should be changed to prevent this unnecessary suffering and insult to the family of the victim of someone else’s flippant and selfish stupidity. We want anyone who is known to, or suspected to, have caused a death while driving under the influence or driving dangerously or recklessly to be remanded in custody until the conclusion of their trial. Where this person is a sole provider or sole carer it is obvious an exception must sometimes be made until arrangements can be put in place, at which point they should be taken into custody. No one who has caused a death should be left walking the streets for almost a year before sentencing, free to enjoy their life while a family suffers in mourning over the loss of their victim. It is an insult to the community, to Allan’s family, to justice, and to Allan’s memory. This should never have been allowed to happen and it should never be allowed to happen again. This was not in the public interest, nor in the common good, and as such is in direct contravention with the ethos of Scottish Law and a total failing of our justice system. The people of Scotland should have the right to know that their death will be treated with the seriousness it deserves, and that those who do selfishly disregard the safety of others will be punished swiftly and directly for the damage they cause to dozens of lives.