Make the Aadhar Card optional (non-compulsory) to avail government services

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Why should the Aadhar Card be made an optional / non-compulsory document?

1. The Aadhar Bill undermines and violates the fundamental Right to Privacy of Indians, to move and transact freely around the country and to live without constantly having to prove their identity. Bio-metric identification implies that movements of present and future generations of citizens are tracked like those of bacteria under a microscope. Bio-metric identification is modern day enslavement and dehumanizing.

 2. No centralized electronic database of bio-metric information can be made leak-proof. This has been repeatedly made evident by the hacking incidents of eventhe most secure servers in the world, including but not limited to servers of high financial institutions like banks and even technology companies like Google.

3. Security of the highly private bio-metric data: CIA funded MongoDB is partnered with UIDAI to handle Aadhaar data. MongoDB will take data from UIDAI to undertake analysis. UIDAI is tight-lipped about CIA's role in it. Wikileaks revealed that Pakistan handed over it's citizens' database to US agencies. In case of India, there will be no need for a database handing over ceremony because it is being given to global security agencies through their proxies(like MongoDB) who in turn are subservient to legislative will of legislatures in the US, France and UK unlike India.

4. Wittingly or unwittingly, most political parties and media houses appear to be guilty of propagating self-serving and contrived nonsense about 'inherently fallible' biometric identification (Aadhaar) based initiatives of US Department of Defense, NATO, World Bank Group and other international financial institutions. It is ‘blindingly obvious’ that bio-metric identification is meant for indiscriminate warrant-less and automatic surveillance of citizens. It signals the arrival of the "colonial epidemic of general searches" undertaken on behalf of the monarch with unlimited power on the life and property of subjects. 

4. The Aadhar Bill doesn't have legislative support, meaning the bill was passed as 'money' bill in the Parliament (which it is clearly not), as the BJP bypassed the Rajya Sabha as they did not have majority in the upper house and wanted to pass the Bill in what is really a back-door.

5. The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, in its order dated September 23, 2013, had directed that “no person should suffer for not getting the Aadhaar card, in spite of the fact that some authority had issued a circular making it mandatory”.
Further, in its order dated March 16, 2015, Supreme court, clearing all doubts about the validity of Aadhaar card to avail of government subsidies, confirmed that the Aadhar card is not compulsory, and further, officials who insist on them will be taken to task.
“Aadhaar is being insisted upon by various authorities. We do not want to go into specific instances. We expect the Union of India and all the States to adhere to the order dated September 23, 2013. We will take the officers concerned to task if any order comes on record making it (Aadhaar) mandatory,” Justice Chelameswar observed.