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Stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan

Not long ago, 40 dolphins where slaughtered in Taiji. Everyone who's watched The Cove Movie, knows how horrible the slaughter is. The dolphins are stabbed with sharp metal harpoons, which hurts them badly. One single dolphin can be stabbed more than twenty times, which is very painful. The fishermen doesn't stop untill all dolphins are dead. After the slaughter, they collect all dead (or almost dead) dolphins, and either drag them behind the boat, or carries them in the boat. Those who are still alive will probably die during the boat trip.The only sign left from the horrible slaughter will be the red water, colored by the blood.
This is animal abuse and cruelty at a hight level, but it's still going on. And we need to do something.

By signing this, I have the right to place you at the letter to the Prime Minister.  I will only display your name and country.

Your email and city wont be displayed at the letter. It may take a few days or even a week before you're on the letter.

Please visit my website where you can read more about this, and contact me for info. You can also sign from there.

Thank you for caring. We can do this together!
Vilma - 13 years old -  Sweden

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