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Not long ago, 40 dolphins where slaughtered in Taiji. Everyone who's watched The Cove Movie, knows how horrible the slaughter is. The dolphins are stabbed with sharp metal harpoons, which hurts them badly. One single dolphin can be stabbed more than twenty times, which is very painful. The fishermen doesn't stop untill all dolphins are dead. After the slaughter, they collect all dead (or almost dead) dolphins, and either drag them behind the boat, or carries them in the boat. Those who are still alive will probably die during the boat trip.The only sign left from the horrible slaughter will be the red water, colored by the blood.
This is animal abuse and cruelty at a hight level, but it's still going on. And we need to do something.

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Vilma - 13 years old -  Sweden

Letter to
The Prime Minister of Japan
Dear Prime Minister of Japan.

I was horrified to hear about the slaughter of dolphins going on in Taiji. And I'm shocked to hear that this inhumane behaviour still goes on. It's horrible. The dolphins of Taiji are suffering every day and every night because of this. We got to know that 40 dolphins have just been slaughtered not so long ago. And how many are going to die tonight? How many are going to be stabbed and bleed to death while being dragged behind a boat?
Every time I think of Japan, I also think of the horrible slaughters. And I'm not alone. When you've seen what's going on and you've heard their cry for help, you will never forget it. This is not good for the dolphins. And not for Japan either. Japan is known for being such a popular tourist destination, but how many will travel there when they get to know about the horrible slaughter? Well, the blood baths in Taijis bay absolutely made me sick. And I'm sure I'm not alone in that point either. Japan is getting a pretty bad reputation because of this. Another reason to stop it.
And the dolphin meat is also containing high levels of toxic mercury, which can end in mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning can damage your nervous system and your organs. Humans can get very sick and die.
So why don't you stop this? Please, please, please do something! We need Japan to realize how important the dolphins are for both the earth and us.
Dolphins have both physical and mental feelings. They can feel sorrow when they hear their closest suffer and die. They can feel pain when they are tortured and stabbed. They are so much like us. And they really trust and believe in us. It hurts me so much to see other humans betray them. And even worse, hurt and torture them.
So start to think. Is this right? I may be young, but I know the answer. And I think (and hope) you know it, too. If you don't understand what I mean, please do read this again. And over and over again, if you need to. Until you understand, I will fight for the dolphins. Please fight with us. You know what's right.

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