Prime Minister please declare this a National Emergency

Prime Minister please declare this a National Emergency

7 December 2019
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The Prime Minister of Australia and the Australian Parliament
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Started by Xenia Iona

Dear Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, ask that you act immediately and declare a National Emergency with respect to the bushfires and extreme drought, currently decimating a huge part of our country. NSW, Queensland, Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia are burning. 

We are just into the first week of summer and over 800 homes have burnt.

Our Koala population has been devastated.

We have lost 20% of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.

There are dozens of fires out of control in NSW and Queensland alone.

Sydney was declared the city with the most polluted air on the planet, just 48 hrs ago.

We need you, as the leader of the country, and the Australian Parliament to take immediate action. We are not interested in our politicians playing the blame game right now. We are not interested in political grandstanding and political slanging matches.

Mobilise our armed forces. If everyday people can stand side by side with our Emergency Services personnel to fight these fires, how much more can our soldiers help? We need man and woman-power. How long can our firemen and women and  the RFS personnel carry on without any assistance?

Mobilise our army. Mobilise every available plane there is, than can help fight these fires.

Ask for assistance from our allies overseas - Europe, North America, NZ. 

Just do something! Now!! Do not just stand back and watch the whole country burn.

We ask. We demand. We deserve a whole lot better from our elected representatives.


Xenia Iona





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Signatures: 6,718Next goal: 7,500
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