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Make 'Dog Theft' a Specific and Serious Crime.

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There Is No Such Offence As ‘Dog Theft’

Because a dog is classified in law as no more than a chattel or possession, Magistrates Sentencing Guidelines treat stealing a dog the same as stealing an old bike or a lawnmower. Starting with a conditional discharge, a ‘Band B’ fine (about £100) possibly 20 hours community service or 18 weeks in prison for a repeat offender, its a national disgrace and must be changed. 

If your dog does a poo in a park and you don’t pick it up £1000 fine, take it on a beach in summer £500 fine. If a dog is stolen it breaks the hearts of it's family members forever. Has it been stolen for dog fighting, used as bait for dog fighting, exported, or sent to an illegal puppy farm where they are treated unbearably, sold on for profit or will you be blackmailed to get it back. We Have All Had Enough. 

If the police bother to investigate a reported dog theft, and they don’t, they simply give you a crime number and refer you to the dog warden; currently Dog Theft is classified as so unimportant the police simply don’t want to know. But the police just don’t have the resources to investigate the 5 reported Dogs stolen every day, do they? Yes of course they do, there are 129,000 full time police officers across 43 police forces in the UK.

The crime of Dog Theft must be re-classified so that the ‘Time’ fits the crime. Dog Theft must carry a mandatory custodial sentence of at least 1 year to even begin to act as a deterrent and to raise its profile in law. The police must investigate every reported case properly.  

Please join us and sign this petition. 'Dog Theft' must be classified as a specific and serious crime.

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