Covid-19: give economic hardship relief to the hair & beauty industry – support UK salons

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Hair and beauty salon owners and their employees are facing economic hardship as a result of the global pandemic, COVID-19. The need for social distancing and mass self-isolation  means small businesses, single salon owners and independent stylists and therapists will soon be forced to close their salon’s doors. The government must prioritise this industry and provide support to those who seriously need it. 

The £87 million hair and beauty industry is a huge contributor to the economy and UK workforce but has, so far, been underrepresented in the government’s response to the escalating virus. Hair and beauty businesses are coming to a near standstill as a result of cancellations due to illness, limited mobility and/or fears around the close contact nature of the industry. Many businesses and self employed contractors will struggle to bounce back without the definitive action of our government to bring in financial measures to save the industry.

Help us keep the lights on so that our hair and beauty businesses can be there for you on the other side. 

By signing this petition, we ask the Government to consider:

(i) providing an economic hardship relief package to the hair and beauty industry to help cover rent, the salaries of employees who can't work or travel, and lost income due to reduced or halted business operations

(ii) introducing a law – similar to the French Government – which prevents businesses with more than one employee from legally going bankrupt and securing salon’s debt

Please join us in asking the Government to take action to protect one of our most valued and vulnerable industries.

Kei Kaji, CEO of Treatwell

On behalf of the 8,000+ Treatwell hair and beauty businesses who we represent and the broader 43,000+ business strong hair and beauty industry in the UK