Immediately Enact Vegan Law to Stop COVID-19, Climate Change, Rescuing Our World!

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The world is burning, threatens to get worse at any moment, humans and animals perishing at an alarming rate.
The billions of animal lives lost yearly to slaughter are morally unacceptable and causing world-ending disasters including climate change, zoonotic pandemics, COVID-19, and wildfires.

The spread of COVID-19, swine flu, SARS, Ebola, and many other dangerous infectious diseases can often be traced to wet markets, filthy factory farms, and other breeding grounds for pathogens where animals are abused and killed to satisfy the world's meat habit.

We call upon the Prime Minister and Canadian Government to immediately enact Vegan Law in Canada, meaning:
-All businesses causing animal suffering are banned (meat, fish, egg, and milk industries).
-All animal testing (lab, cosmetics, etc.) prohibited.
-All animal products (leather, fur, etc.) are illegal.

"World-renowned humanitarian, environmentalist, artist and spiritual teacher Supreme Master Ching Hai’s urgent message to All World Leaders and Governments, you must protect all under your wings – the co-citizens and the animals which are utterly helpless and à la mercy of humans’ power. Animal industries are the worst producers of lethal methane gas that heats up our planet. So, stopping these brutal, murderous businesses is the fastest way to cool our Earth. Kindness will beget kindness, and compassion will beget compassion. Mercy will beget mercy from the Heavens. And this Vegan Law is the most effective way to save our world."

"So simply just make it and sign it, before it’s too late to even regret it. Before more of God’s wrath descends upon us, with more severe weather, more plagues, more terror, more lives lost, more precious resources disappear, more financial disaster.
Work for God, with God. So you will be feeling light, pure and happy by doing the right thing. Now, make the Vegan Law to save our world."

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