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Grant each state 1,000.00 to plant "Food Forests" for those in need.

This is important because it will help a great deal to feed the poor and homeless as it decreases the dependency of the impoverished on food stamps. This will in the long run save more money for the federal government than they initially put it. It will pay for itself. I will ask that the federal government grant each state and or commonwealth 1,000.00 to purchase the trees and plants needed, as the work itself would be done by volunteers from each community planted. These can be bought far more affordably online at such sites as and for 7 to 10.00 each as seedlings. In only two or three years they will begin to bear food for the hungry masses. There are many thousands of open public spaces all over the nation where people are being paid to mow grass for the city, when that money can be put elsewhere that it is better utilized.

Thank you.


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