Remove anti-abortion group "Pro-life Waikato" from the University of Waikato

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Today, as I was wandering through the Clubs Day at the University of Waikato, I stumbled across a stand called "Pro-Life Waikato". This stand stood for anti-abortion, and was situated at a University Affiliated Clubs Day.

This sat poorly with me, as there is no alternative "Pro-Choice" club, and the stand was attacking people who have had, or want/need to have, an abortion, featuring very triggering material for people who may have been in that situation.

I don't think a club pressuring students about their bodily choices should be present on our campus, and I believe it's existence will be upsetting to many students and I ask for your support in this petition to remove this clubs affiliation with our University, as it's aim is to pressure people into agreement, and guilt people into making a choice that is nobody's but their own to make. 

EDIT: We are creating a support group called "Waikato Students for Choice", to help those who are distressed by the pro-life club, and to open a support network for those who need it. You can support this group at