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We need laws regulating the use of deadly force against our family pets.

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Our police protectors are shooting our family pets. They say that the dog was acting aggressive towards them, when witnesses completely disagree. We need to act now - I have read at least 14 cases of dog killings in the last 1 1/2 - 2 months. And I am pretty sure, I missed some. We need to protect our beloved family members. We need to make sure that the law holds the police to the same standards as they hold the common public to.  Help us bring about change and protect all members of our families. Here are just a few examples of the horrendous acts of cowardice committed by our police forces.
This 5 month old puppy was shot 7 times trying to get home to his parents. - this is Megan and her dog Big Daddy. He was shot on his front porch, and the policeman picked up his casings, so there is no proof of where he was standing when he shot this beloved family member.
This was a beautiful deaf pitt bull named Ice who was shot in "error". By a police officer again.
This family member was shot because he was walking next to his mama, but off of his leash - he went to greet a passing officer and was shot - On April 14, 2012 Michael Paxton's best friend Cisco, an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), was gunned down by an APD officer that responded to the wrong address of a domestic disturbance complaint. - On March 29th, our beloved animal and family member Moco, a boxer, was shot and killed by an Ojai Police Officer. The officers were responding to a call for vehicle tampering. The call was not made by us nor did we have any involvement. - On Tuesday October 4, 2011 our beloved Bucky a dachshund mix, was shot 5 times and killed by an Arlington Police Officer! Bucky was my autistic sons theraputic dog and his best friend!

There are so very many more - Remi, Rosie, Ace, Ice, Shadow, Roscoe Harrison, Diablo, Capone, Chooch, Humphrey Bogart, Melmo (who was chained and still shot 6 times), Shelby, Neko, Copper, Daisy, Elvis, Chompers, Daisy, Fluppy, Mama, Cinnamon, Snoop, Athena, Peyton, Chase, Rocko, Alted, Girl, Elko, Ace (dif from above Ace), Sadie, Rufus, Indo, Skye, Ava and so very very many more!  - Some of the videos are honestly way to graphic to post for the public, as I am not aware of the ages of the viewers of the petition.

Please, create a law regulating the use of deadly force against our family pets.  Help us to protect our families - protect our freedoms - protect our lives.

Thank you

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