The President of the United States The U.S. Senate: Make Penalties for Animal Abuse More Severe!

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Animal Abuse is a severe problem in the United States and we must take action NOW.

Each year thousands of animals are injured or die of abuse and neglect. Often this violence against animals goes unpunished. But it should not be ignored despite the fact that statistics show that there is a strong correlation between violence against animals and violence against humans. Studies show that animal cruelty can be one of the earliest and most dramatic indicators that an individual is developing a pattern of inflicting suffering on others. In addition, statistics show that many violent criminal offenders have histories of serious, repeated animal cruelty as children or teens. These violent people must be severely punished for their crimes. Perhaps before their violence spreads to hurt more animals and people.
Animals have rights just like humans. They don't deserve to be tortured and abused. An animal deserves the protection of the state. The law must be more strict against animal abuse.The LAWS need to change and people need to wake up, people are getting fines or not even nothing for animal abuse while dogs. cats. horses. etc suffer. It sickens me seeing animals beaten. neglect. abused. thrown. hit
help make this letter aware to the government and law officers for a change.

for further do I just launched a STOP animal abuse page for facebook please like, heres the link

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This Abuse needs to be a brought to attention NOW

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