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Make convicted felons a protected class to stop job/housing discrimination

I created this petition to bring awareness to the issues that a convicted felon faces upon release. Most of them just would like to have a chance to obtain a job and housing so that they may become a productive member of society. The reality is that they are branded and ultimately discriminated against because of past actions. Employment applications ask if you have ever been convicted of a felony. If a felon is filling out an application they are showing good faith that they want to start a new life, They should be afforded the same job opportunities, with the exception of sex offenders working in areas where children may be at risk. You can't rent an apartment from most communities even if you meet the required qualifications. Once we have completed our sentences, we are still citizens under the Constitution and demand our rights to life, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.When we can't gain employment, rent, or vote those sacred rights that our country was built upon are being violated. Recidivism is created when doors are closed to opportunities. Let your voices be heard and vote now. Especially those who cannot vote due to branding.

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