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Help mothers protect their children from being abused.

This is important because the local government is NO longer protecting innocent abused children... so we need to speak up until someone hears us.


I have remained silent long enough, it is time to go public with my story....

Please listen to my conversation with WYANDOT JOB & FAMILY SERVICES (UPPER SANDUSKY OHIO) when I feared my baby was being physically & sexually abused by her father (Damian Beard) who is a convicted felon & an abuser of women, (He was convicted of a felony in 2004 & plead no contest to domestic violence in 2008 when he beat me unconscious while pregnant with our baby). He was granted visitation with his daughter in Aug 2010 & during that whole time he would return my baby to me with blackeyes, bruises and other injuries. He then filed for full custody of her in Wyandot County (case# I2103032). Evidence of the abuse was presented to Magistrate Colleen O'Connell, Judge Aubry, June Huss (guardian ad Litem), Atty Dennis Pfiefer & Wyandot Children Services & they all collaborated to give my abused child to her abuser. I filed for numerous CPO's to protect my children but was constantly denied. This is on appeal to the 3rd District Court (Case#11-16-09). My child was taken from my care shortly after the evidence of the abuse was entered into court and after I chased Damian Beard out of my home with a .357 magnum after he kicked my doors and windows in for the 4th time and forced his way into my home. I was scared to death as he had beaten me before & broken in on multiple occasions and law enforcement in Wyandot County would not protect me & my children. As this happened in Wyandot County though, my rights were not protected & I was taken to jail and told I was not allowed to return back to my home where me and my 3 children resided (I think its important to note that I grew up in a religious home,I DONT do drugs, drink alcohol or even smoke). While in jail this same CPS worker Rodney Traxler visited me and said he was investigating the incident that just transpired at my home. But refused to investigate any abuse to my little girl.

 My other 2 children were then placed in the care & custody of their felon father Brad Bloomfield by Hancock County Magistrate & then Brad filed for full custody of them. Brad has a felony record because he brutally beat our son in 2004 & went to prison at which point I left him to protect my child. Brad had little to no contact with his 2 children for 5 years after the divorce as I was granted full custody of these 2 children in the divorce. This case is in Hancock County Courts (case #2005 DR 314). This is currently on objection to Judge Neimeyer who granted me full custody of my children in 2006 after Brad brutally beat our son. I tried to obtain a protection order in Hancock County prior to the custody trial but I was denied by the magistrate. Both attorney's in this case & the magistrate heard evidence that my son was being abused AGAIN while at his father's home by a live in adult stepbrother, SETH GEORGE, & they chose to ignore it. I had to replace the attorney that I retained because she clearly was not working for me. The day prior to the child custody hearing in Hancock County, she called me into her office and informed me that she WASN"T entering into evidence any pictures of the abuse to my children or felony records. I am sending out petitions & going public with what the TRUTH really is. Please follow both these cases & help me get justice for my children so they don't have to ever be abused by their fathers' again. I will not rest until everyone involved is brought to JUSTICE & my children are returned to me safely. Like I said previously I am going public with my story and will tell it to anyone who will listen. Your support and signature will be appreciated. Please follow both these custody cases. Please go to Bee Bloomer on facebook & friend request me so you can view the whole story & please listen to the YOUTUBE video with Rodney Traxler from Wyandot Child Protective Services @( ) & forward it to everyone. Thank you for helping me be a voice for my children. 

Letter to
City Council President
Honorable Judge Niemeyer
Mayors & prosecutors for both Wyandot & Hancock Counties
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The President of the United States
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The President of the United States,President of City Council, Honorable Judge Niemeyer & prosecutors for both Wyandot & Hancock Counties.

Help mothers protect their children from being abused
Lets be a voice for these innocent lives
Demand that every mother in this country have the right to maintain custody of her child over the father unless she is proven in the court of law to be unfit. The mother greatly bonds with her child for 40 weeks & then endures the pain of labor to bring her child into the world. Taking a child from it's mother is depriving that mother & child of life, liberty & property. There is NO better protector of a child then the birth mother.
Demand that a child's best interest and safety take precedence over parental rights.
Demand that the non abusive parent be allowed to protect their child.
Demand no parent be forced to send that child to be with an abusive parent who is a convicted felon.
Demand that the non abusive parent have the right to maintain custody of their child.
Demand that a Civil Protection Order automatically be issued by the court to protect a child from their abuser who has been convicted of domestic violence or any felony offense.
Demand that justice be served to any court system or attorney in this country that takes part in placing an abused child in the care and custody of the abuser....
SUCH IS THE CASE IN WYANDOT AND HANCOCK COUNTY... Wyandot Case # (I2103032) appealed to the 3rd district court case #(11-16-09)..Hancock County Court case # 2005 DR 314, it's been objected to Honorable Judge Niemeyer. Please follow both these cases. Thank you for helping me be a voice for my children & others. Please go to & view the recording.

Brenda Bloomfield & the undersigned

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