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In the United States there are no government run organizations that provide oversight or regulations of the various animal shelter on a national basis. Many individual states do regulate shelters within their jurisdiction, but not on a national level.. This petition must be signed to build more shelters that are "NO KILL",  regularly check on conditions of the shelters, cruelty, abuse, cleanliness, appoint more money to hire responsible people to run the shelters and place the animals humanely.. Current 64% of all incoming animals left at a government run shelter are euthanized. We need to Lobby in Washington D.C. and pass a law for this.TAXES NEED TO BE PLACED ON ALL BREEDERS, AND PEOPLE WHO DUMP THEIR AMINALS MUST PAY FINES... THIS MUST & Will ....CHANGE.........but only if you vote.." We humans seem to make a mess of everything we touch....yet, there is a small glimmer of hope, that 1 day, we will change and realize this is not our world, but the animals who really live in it.."

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