Help Stop Bullying in Kenya

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Bullying is a very serious problem in Kenya and it needs to stop.

Everyday, thousands of school going children are put in harms way by their fellow students who beaten them, verbally abused them and maliciously attacked them on social media.

This causes the victims health complications, decreased learning ability and some students result to dropping out of school.

Bullying also causes life-long mental and emotional disorders that often lead to suicide.

While bullying occurs in all aspects of life, school going children are the most vulnerable because they do not have the skills to cope with unwanted harassment. 

Currently, there are no systems in place that prohibit acts that cause a student to be in reasonable fear of physical, emotional harm or cyber bullying.

Although many institutions have a zero bullying stance, they actually support bullying by their lack of action, slap on the wrist for the offenders and minimizing the fact that bullying is a serious problem.

Kenya now needs to make bullying a crime.School administrations should be made responsible for ensuring students are safe, they are taught about this vice and its implications thereof. 

We need justice for the victims.By signing this petition, you are showing your support against bullying in Kenya. Your signatures will help reach the Minister for Education, related civil societies and hopefully the President of Kenya who will pass a law to address this issue.

Help stop bullying in Kenya.No more kids should be lost to this social evil.Our children deserve a safe environment to learn in.