Common electoral rolls for the country

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The need for common electoral rolls, from Panchayat elections to Lok Sabha polls, has long been expressed even by the Election Commission itself. Now that a Parliamentary committee has also recommended that, saying it will help weed out duplicate voters and bring down cost of holding the democratic exercise, perhaps the work on it needs to start right away, so that it becomes a reality well before the next general elections.

Also, since the process will require compiling electoral lists across the country, providing for updating on an on-going basis, verifying names against Aadhaar records, etc etc, it would be best if the job is outsourced to professional players, quite like Income Tax and Passport departments have already done in the case of their back-end work.

A city like Bengaluru recorded a dismal 45% turn-out in the recent municipal elections. And, this is out of the registered voters, who can't be more than some 60% of the total eligible population (who are above 18, and have proof of having lived in the city continuously for over 6 months), on an average across the city - say 10% in newly developing areas like Whitefield, to some 90% in say Basavanagudi. So, in effect, only some 30% of the eligible population is participating in the basic democratic process itself, making a mockery of it all. This can change totally with what is proposed here.

As such, I would herewith like to submit this petition to you, Sir, to direct the government to take up the matter forthwith.

Muralidhar Rao

PS: Before starting on the petition, I thought I'll first put forth the suggestion to the PMO, direct. I did that by mail on 11th July, and it was recorded under Regn No PMOPG/E/2016/0243554, too. The response unfortunately has been "no action needed - file", with no reasons given.