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These were the headlines on April 11-25, 2018,

...a 9 week-old baby boy dies at St. Gregory Hospital because a doctor who has sworn an oath to save lives, pulled the plug to his oxygen support because little Prosper's parents could not pay GHs 533. All we are asking is for the president and the government to prioritize us, our children and mothers. Two hospitals have been built, but they're not in use, yet day in day out, sods are cut for new hospitals to be built in Accra; reference  It seems "A woman who clearly knew what she was getting herself into dies from liposuction and because she is a Deputy director gets the airwaves talking, the Ghana Medical and Dental Council talking and the health licensing agent doing their job. But when a baby, who we will never know, what he would have done or/and accomplished in life, dies and it's silence we hear from these institutions. Oh is it because his father is a nobody??? 

A story is told of how a President of an African country collapsed and was rushed to the nearest major hospital. It was a military hospital, one of the most well-equipped in the country. But the handlers were confused when they got to the facility, not knowing exactly what to do or where to go. He died and some people still believe his last hours were clumsily handled. We are all potential victims when the system is messed up. Even the most powerful won't always get the opportunity to fly out. Let's do politics with some modicum of wisdom. We must not destroy ourselves because of political affiliations.#OpenUGMCNowOpen  and make it operational.

Child and maternal mortality affects development and should be of great concern to the president.



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