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Corporations and special interest groups were already in control of our government before "citizen united" was enacted. Since the law passed the control has become overwhelming. If we elect a new president based on overturning "citizens united", we will be the losers. Nothing will change, the lobbyists will still have control of our government. The politicians don't have much choice. If they don't get big money, they lose the election. If they do take the money, they are owned by the donors. If one man gives you a million dollars or a hundred thousand people give you ten dollars who would you choose to listen to?

Every four years the news media brings in nearly two billion dollars not including local elections. They don't care what is said, how often it’s said, or if its true. They simply want the money.

The Supreme Court is out of control. Who honestly thinks corporations are people? That is the main reason things are so messed up today.

President Obama received over sixty million votes. I suspect all those people are trying to make this country what it should and could be. If all those voters supported this petition, we can make this type of change. It is not going to be easy because politicians will oppose the change. Please take action and sign it today. If you think this is a waste of time, please consider what is at stake. It is time to roll up your sleeves and do what you can to make this change a success.

If you believe in the separation of church and state, maybe you are also in favor of separation of corporate power and the government.



On Political Contributions

Private or corporate owned business may not contribute to any Federal, State, or local government election in the United States.

All for profit or nonprofit organization may not contribute to any Federal, State, or local government election in the United States.

Any business or organization may campaign and advertise for any candidate they choose provided they have polled the shareholders or organization members, and have at least a 50% majority by secret ballot approving their choice.  They will be required to show proof that they have done so and disclose the name of the organization they represent when advertising.  There must also be a $2,500 limit for personal contributions.  This amount should be tied to the rate of inflation.

When the federal government passes this and it’s made law if the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional we also request an amendment to the constitution.  It shall read as followed.

A newly elected president shall have a onetime opportunity to replace three Supreme Court justices.  He may replace any three at his discretions.  They must be confirmed or denied by the United States Senate within 30 calendar days of submission.

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