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Unblock cannabis-related websites from the Tim Hortons Wi-Fi Network

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To The Directors and Executive Officers of Tim Hortons Canada:

We, the undersigned urge Tim Hortons to unblock pro-cannabis/cannabis-related websites from the free Tim Hortons Wi-Fi Network and stop squashing our right to make informed decisions regarding our health and our environment. We encourage you to put a stop to this needless censorship that violates our fundamental right to information and education, and discriminates against those of your patrons who require medical marijuana treatment for a varying range of disabilities.

WHEREAS Cannabis is a non-addictive, herbal medication required by many Canadians with a wide range of disabilities. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and even the coffee you serve to millions of loyal customers on a daily basis.

WHEREAS 57% of the Canadian population believes in the legalization, taxation and regulation of Marijuana for users over the legal age, and 66% of Canadians believe that marijuana legalization will occur within the next decade. Deeming information on a plant with such a wide variety of beneficial uses as "innapropriate content" is robbing your patrons of our right to research and educate ourselves regarding an important political topic that is highly relevant in today's society.

WHEREAS Blocking information on cannabis is not only a gross display of biased corporate censorship, but also perpetuates the "taboo" surrounding marijuana use. This is the same attitude that forces thousands of Canadians to live in fear on a daily basis, a fear not only of corrupt law enforcement but also of being ostracized by their communities or even being subjected to violence at the hands of the misinformed masses.

Your company claims to be "Making a True Difference" through environmental sustainability efforts, yet your efforts to block cannabis related webpages are keeping the Canadian public in the dark about the environmental, agricultural and economic benefits of hemp. Hemp is a carbon-negative material that takes less space to grow than other textiles, produces more usable fibre than other textiles grown on the same amount of land and shows great promise for environmental reclaimation. Cannabis as hemp textiles for things like bags, napkins and cups could greatly further your company's efforts to reduce environmental waste and carbon footprint, and to better preserve the beautiful country we live in.

Work WITH your patrons, not against them.



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