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The position they are making children freeze in for the freeze bell at White Rock Elem School and all other schools in Sacramento.

There are a number of schools in the district that as recess ends, in order to get a few students that don’t pay attention, all students are being yelled at to “Freeze - hands on your knees”. Some might considered this a major improvement from having the students freeze with their hands on their heads however to have my child bent over with her hands on her knees until excused from recess is unacceptable. It is not only dehumanizing, borderline militarization and unjust for those kids that do comply with a whistle that recess is over but more importantly it is humiliating to my child and myself. No child should be forced to bend over and maintain an almost pornographic position due to a militant type policy at a public school. To the best of my knowledge the Folsom Cordova Public School system, and especially the White Rock School, is not a prison, jail or dentition facility. I understand the use of freezing in order to catch the attention of the students and to allow them to understand what the whistle/bells mean. But the continued use after the behavior is established and more importantly continuing the hands on knees is out of line. Why not randomly just allow them to line up without bending and should that fail then use something like ‘Freeze - hands by the side’? Why not just freeze alone. I think this is unfair and cruel to the children of the entire district that includes White Rock School and I feel that a more respectful method needs to be used.

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    Sandy Spaulding
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    Curtis Wilson

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