We want a permanent pokemon center store in London or online for the U.K

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With the insane success of the new pokemon center in Westfields Shepards Bush, many pokemon fans from the U.K, Europe and even from other parts of the world gathered in London to queue for hours on end just so they can experience a shop which is usually only available in Japan or America. America may only have a small amount of stores but they can buy pokemon products online at any given time.

The incredible amount of hype the pop up store has received with queues being so long they reach maximum capacity soon after opening time, I think it's very clear that there is a massive demand for a permanent store. I saw it from the announcement of the store on social media where many people would say things like "please make it a permanent store" and "let's get rid of m&m world and make it a pokemon center"

I experienced the opening day first hand and was lucky enough to get in after waiting 2 and a half hours. There was frustration from the people inside the store who felt it was a horrible experience for all the other fans who had to wait for up to 9 hours that day, when the people at the very back of the queue eventually got into the store the majority of exclusive items were long sold out. As of writing this silly petition I'm sat at home with sore feet from opening day, looking on Twitter at the even more insane queues and noticing the frustration from fans and more calls for a permanent location.

So, with all that said I think we should make this clear to the pokemon company. They've seen what we, as a community can do and the dedication to this franchise we have and hopefully it will be enough to convince them that this is something they should do or at the very least consider.