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Change the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Graphics Similar to the XYZ Anime Graphics

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We the Pokemon fans are urging The Pokemon Company to please revert the Pokemon: Sun and Moon anime graphics, back to their XY and XYZ graphics, especially Ash Ketchum. The new graphics make the anime look much more childish and therefore does not give that feeling of bravery, valor, and determination that Pokemon has been giving to its fans for more than two decades. We the Pokemon fans have also been tested in polling and most of us agree that the new Pokemon anime graphics, judging by the Japanese, trailer look very bad and are causing us to lose our hope of an awesome new generation of the Pokemon anime, and makes us think that we are watching a cartoon, rather than a Pokemon anime. The Pokemon Company, we the Pokemon fans please urge you to change the graphics of the new Sun and Moon anime, to the awesome and epic XY and XYZ graphics which most of us agree that those were the best graphics Pokemon had ever, and were inspired by Ash's boldness, determination, and overall awesomeness. Ash also looks much more childish than the disciplined Pokemon trainer he really is, his new look also does not fit his personality and once again, we believe the best- looking characters, including Ash, appeared in the Pokemon XY and XYZ anime, and that XY and XYZ look really did fit his awesome, determinated, and bold personality, while showing care for the people around him. Thank you, and God bless you, please fulfill our Pokemon desires The Pokemon Company, you have never let us down, and please do not start now with something as simple as anime graphics. Thank you, and once again, God bless you.

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