Bring Harley Back In Pokemon

Bring Harley Back In Pokemon

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Harley was everyone's favorite cactus in the Pokemon anime. He was a great coordinator and character that everyone can remember. The problem is that Harley only had five Pokemon, and wasn't shown as much as he should've been. He lost to May in the Grand Festival and he should of gotten his revenge by now.

I think to solve this problem, the Pokemon Company can bring Harley back in the to be released Galarian anime. Many people will love to see him come back.

The Pokemon anime is not as good as it used to be with Harley. He brought the show to life with his personality. His backstory even is heartbreaking as well. His last snackie was stolen by May ruthlessly and after that day he swore to seek revenge. His hardworking and diligent mindset keeps the viewers engaged and interested in the show.

So, everyone should join together under this cause and persuade The Pokemon Company to bring back this well-known and loved character.