Wellesley Avenue Appeal

Wellesley Avenue Appeal

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We object to the proposed office building development at 12 Wellesley Avenue (APP/H5390/W/20/3251291).

We believe that this proposal is not appropriate for Wellesley Avenue or the Ravenscourt Park and Starch Green Conservation Area as a result of its scale and size, making it overbearing and incongruous. It is also of poor design that in no way responds to the traditional residential character of the area.

It will cause wide ranging negative impacts both for nearby properties and the wider conservation area. Neighbours will be overlooked and overwhelmed, and the domestic scale and traditional appearance of the conservation area would be eroded, thereby undermining its significance and special qualities.

It will also lead to increased traffic, parking and pollution on a small, single lane avenue through construction and use. With 150 office workers in the building this will particularly bad due to the high number of taxis, couriers, deliveries, refuse collections, etc, with no provision made for any of these and nowhere safe for them to stop.